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Tiospaye’s dynamic transformational trainings are based on the development of Emotional Intelligence and follow an Experiential Education model. Our trainings, unique to Durango, Colorado were designed to produce powerful leaders within our local and global community.

Imagine what it would be like if you developed mastery in your ability to generate passion, success, love, creativity, personal empowerment and freedom.

Through our dynamic Levels 1, 2 and 3 trainings, we invite you to break through your limiting beliefs to move boldly in the direction of becoming an authentic and empowered leader who creates extraordinary results in all areas of life.

Relationships Training POSTPONED until SPRING 2021!

Relationships Course is a three day training TBA.

The Relationship course invites you to take a deep look at who you are and how you show up for yourself, your friends and family. This is a fun, interactive course facilitated by Sylvia Badasci.

The Time to Elevate is Now!


Level 1 - Explore

Level 1 – Explore is about developing a new level of awareness for the limiting beliefs holding you back from what is truly possible in life. Level One follows the idea that “If it’s to be in this world, it’s up to me.”

Level 2 – Breakthrough

Level 2 – Breakthrough is about breaking through to new paradigms of leadership, team and responsibility. In LV2, you begin the process of redesigning yourself and your world.

Level 3 – Leadership

Level 3 – Leadership is an opportunity to integrate the Level 1 and 2 Trainings into a community and global context, living your life from the “Pillars of Leadership” to create a world that works for everyone.

Learn more at a free guest event

Discover what Tiospaye trainings are all about by attending a free Guest Event where you will get a glimpse of this unique and transformative education. Meet graduates of our trainings and hear about the value they received through their own participation. Engage in conversation about what truly matters to you in life and what results might be possible out of attending this profound 3-part training series. Have your questions answered and see how participating in a Tiospaye training can and will change your life.

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What our participants are saying

Since delivering our first Tiospaye course in March of 2015, over 900 people have completed our Level 1 – Explore training, as well as many others having participated in our Level 2 and 3 trainings.

Here’s what some of our participants have to say about the value and results they have received through our dynamic and transformational programs.

  • The Level I training allowed me to see where I was not living my life from a place of feminine grace. I am now able to live more fully in my femininity, which was an unexpected outcome of my participation in the course.

  • Tiospaye offered me a space where I could pursue my life’s dreams for my relationships, careers, family, health, community etc in a fun and practical environment, offering tools and practices, world class training and coaching, and taught me what it means to humbly serve myself, my family, and community and my world. I love this training!


Tiospaye’s transformational trainings would not be possible without our incredibly skilled and compassionate facilitators. To each course they bring their unique coaching style and personality, as well as an abundance of experience from facilitating trainings around the world. Their expertise in getting right to the heart of what it means to be human is extraordinary, and Tiospaye is honored to have them lead our signature trainings in Durango, Colorado.


Dr. Ray Blanchard

Level 1
Explore Training Facilitator


Krista Petty Raimer

Level 2
Advanced Training Facilitator


Lori Benak

Level 3
Leadership Training Facilitator

Tiospaye’s dynamic transformational trainings are based on Emotional Intelligence and follow an Experiential Education model that explores the nature of relationship, leadership and what it means to live an elevated life.

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Our Mission

As Visionary Leaders, We Tiospaye, Through Transformational Trainings, Are Committed to Empowering Humanity to Live Free, Whole and Purposeful Lives!