About Tiospaye


A Transformational Journey.

Tiospaye’s dynamic Transformational Trainings are based on the development of Emotional Intelligence and follow an Experiential Education model that explores the nature of relationship, leadership and what it means to live an elevated life.

Our trainings, unique to Durango, Colorado, were designed to produce powerful leaders within our local & global community who routinely create extraordinary results in their lives. Imagine what life would be like if you developed mastery by generating passion, success, love, creativity, personal empowerment and freedom.


The time to elevate is now!
Welcome to Tiospaye – Making Relatives.


Tiospaye is a conscious community founded upon the principles of abundance, creativity, sustainability, spirituality, leadership and sovereignty for future generations. Tiospaye promotes personal, professional and spiritual development through signature transformational trainings for adults and youth, as well as through the practice of mentorship, environmental stewardship and ceremony.


Our vision at Tiospaye is to create empowered leaders in the local and global community through transformational and experiential trainings, as well as establishing social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the Durango area.



Tiospaye began as a shared family vision between three women – Crystal Wolfchild, Monica Colvig and their mother, Della Romero. In the Dakota language, Tiospaye means, “The Making of Relatives,” a concept that lies at the heart of their profound trainings. Having attended a similar transformational training in Los Angeles in 2008, Crystal was inspired to share her experiences with her mother and sister, and after participating they agreed that such work was a powerful vehicle for transforming one’s life. Having staffed trainings in Los Angeles, Denver and Albuquerque they decided to bring the education home to Durango, Colorado to be shared with friends and family. With the official creation of Tiospaye in March of 2015, over 200 people have since graduated from the Levels 1, 2 and 3 Trainings.




Crystal Wolfchild

Crystal Wolfchild is a two-time Emmy nominated makeup artist and owner of OMGoddess Beauty, where she teaches women across the country and the world the art of self-expression through makeup application. In 2008, Crystal attended a transformational training in Los Angeles that completely altered her life, and after sharing her experience with family and friends and staffing numerous trainings in Los Angeles, Denver and Albuquerque, she, along with her mother and sister created Tiospaye as a way of bringing transformational work to Durango, Colorado. Crystal is a mother, a partner, an entrepreneur and a spiritual visionary who stands for a world of infinite possibilities.


Della Romero

Della Romero is a co-founder of Tiospaye with her two daughters and brings a deep commitment to transforming families and envisions a world that works for everyone. Besides being the mother of Monica and Crystal, she has a son, Keith, and four beautiful, amazing grandchildren! Della is a Sundancer of over 14 years and this practice is the basis of her spiritual foundation.

Della is a certified life coach, massage therapist and fitness instructor. Della holds a BA in photojournalism and an MA in family therapy with emphasis on Youth at Risk and has worked in this field 16 plus years.




Dr. Ray Blanchard

Level 1 – Explore Training Facilitator

Dr. Ray Blanchard is a Master Transformational Trainer with global acclaim.  Formally trained in Psychology and Philosophy, for over 40 years he has been a major player in designing and delivering top tier trainings and crafting the personal development industry in the United States, Asia, and South AmericaHis commitment is to distinguish the human factors and ethical principles that generate maximum individual performance and how to live an extraordinary life.

Having personally trained over 200,000 participants worldwide and developed over 300 trainers affecting over 2 million students, he is recognized for his contribution to humanity’s evolution by being selected to the acclaimed Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders.  A producer of conscious mediaRay is the Co-Executive Producer of the movie on transformational living, “The Answer to Absolutely Everything”, and the upcoming movie, “Consider This.”  He is the principal owner and producer of the body of inspirational work on the heroes’ journey called, The Heroes Quest and is now knighted in the renowned Order of St. John.

Krista Petty Raimer

Level 2 – Advanced Training Facilitator

Krista Petty Raimer is an internationally recognized trainer who develops and delivers programs centered around leadership, personal mastery, individual effectiveness and integral learning. She holds a MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University and is a dynamic presence with an intuitive capacity to understand people. Krista has spent the past 20+ years exploring what it means to be human by leading experiential education workshops across the country.

Based in Seattle, Washington, she divides her time leading transformational trainings for Tiospaye, consulting at Washington State University where she co-developed an experiential undergraduate course in Human Development, and leading her own series of signature programs for men and women.

Lori Benak

Level 3 – Leadership Training Facilitator

Lori Benak serves as Tiospaye’s primary Leadership Training facilitator, and her mission is for everyone on the planet to feel unconditionally loved and to experience immense joy and personal freedom in all domains of life. She received a BA in Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara and her MBA from Pepperdine University. After working extensively within the corporate world she realized a deep desire to support people in transforming their lives from the inside out. Through life coaching, nutrition consultation, personal training and as the founder of UltraFit for Life, as well as through the facilitation of Tiospaye’s life-changing Level 3 – Leadership Trainings, Lori is highly skilled at supporting her participants in achieving the results they want in life.

Sylvia Badasci

Relationships Training Facilitator

Sylvia Badasci is a world-renowned facilitator of personal effectiveness seminars and leadership development courses. She holds a MA in Trans-Personal Psychology from Naropa University as well as having studied at the Jung Institute in Switzerland. With 30+ years of direct experience leading workshops and seminars in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Chile, Russia, Mexico and Spain, Sylvia has become a much beloved international teacher, fiercely holding her students accountable for the quality of their lives. She facilitates with an enormous amount of love and compassion for the human experience and has won many accolades for her skill as an extraordinary coach and mentor. Silvia is responsible for having developed the initial relationship course, which she then tailored specifically for the trainings offering in Durango, Colorado. Find out more about our Relationship Course!

Jani McGuire

Teen Tiospaye Training Facilitator

Jani McGuire is facilitating our Teen Tiospaye Transformational Trainings. She is an experienced, deeply intuitive, dynamic facilitator who has worked with over 1,000 youth on her mission to impart Emotional Education nationwide. Jani has been immersed in Transformational work for over 25 years, 10 of which have been specifically focused on teens. Her experience facilitating workshops and summer camps has given her a clear and deep understanding of the needs, struggles, and often misunderstood behaviors of our youth. Jani’s vision is that all youth know their worth, find their voice, and live their highest personal potential. Jani is a published author, wife, and mother of two