Level 3 – Leadership




Level 3 – Leadership is a world-class training and development program designed to empower you to elevate and expand beyond an already thriving life into new domains of purpose and personal power.

The training integrates tools acquired in Levels 1 and 2, solidifying them thru practice until they become a way of life. Level 3 is for participants committed to producing incredible results both personally and professionally and for people striving to live from a place of excellence.

In this program, you will be the “source” of bringing transformation to your loved ones and community, making a difference while building a legacy you can be proud of.

For approximately 4 months, expand beyond your comfort zone to dream, declare and deliver extraordinary results in your life. Work alongside a synergistic team of powerful, courageous and inspired visionaries while developing valuable leadership qualities.

Through this training you will become the leader you were meant to be, and your actions will inspire those around you.

What to Expect


Level 3 – Leadership consists of 3 training weekends spread out over the course of 4 months. Shortly after completing your Level 2 – Breakthrough training, you will begin Level 3 with a kickoff meeting.

Training weekends are Friday thru Sunday.

Please note that in order to graduate from Level 3, you must complete all 3 weekends.

Arrival Check-in is at 6:30pm (MST – Mountain Standard Time) on Friday of your First weekend and the training starts at 7pm (MST) and runs until approximately midnight.

Session Times

Friday’s session: 6:30pm-10pm (MT), see check-in details above. Note that on your 3rd weekend, Friday’s training begins as early as 7am.

Saturday’s session: 9am-10pm (MT)

Sunday’s session 8am – 8pm (MT)

Please note that training start and end times may be subject to change, the information you are emailed always takes precedence.

Regular breaks 
are scheduled throughout the duration of the weekend, along with extended meal breaks each afternoon.

The results you receive from the trainings are directly correlated to the level at which you participate.

Because of the experiential nature of our program pregnant women are not allowed to participate until after their baby is born.

Training Combo Deals

Register for all 3 levels for a savings of $300

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Tuition: $1395 / Deposit: $795
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